What about an evening of old-fashioned fun at the bowling alley with friends, family or colleagues? With six lanes and a bar within hand’s reach, this is a classic and fun evening out.

Bowling has been a popular pastime for ages and continues to be an entertaining way to spend time with friends, family or colleagues. With a little luck and a bit of skill it’s possible for almost anyone to win, which is why this game has captivated so many for so long.

While you’re always welcome to come bowl a game (or two), you can also take advantage of one of our many group arrangements, complete with a mouth-watering dinner in one of our restaurants. We also offer competitive bowling especially for companies, organizations and groups of friends.

LANE RENTAL – BOWLING (per hour, per lane)

Mondays and thuesdays closed

* Wednesday through Saturday until 6:00 pm: € 22,50

* Monday through Saturday after 6:00 pm: € 25,00

* Sunday and holidays: € 27,50


Kids bowling: € 17,50 for kids aged 11 and under, including use of lane bumpers (bumpers available only for children’s lanes) on Wednesday through Saturday from 3-6 pm.

School bowling: € 20.00 for classes and youth aged 12 – 16 years; minimum of 20 people, daily during the week, timing to be mutually agreed upon.