A place to eat and to sleep with a gorgeous view over the Zwartewater – Paul and Elisabeth Frank thought this would be fantastic. With their entrepreneurial spirit, they took the leap in 1970 and opened a motel-restaurant in the picturesque village of Zwartsluis on the banks of the Zwartewater river. The idea was so new and forward thinking that the business was opened by none other than J.G. Buijnink, a well-known politician and the then-mayor of Zwartsluis.

A Royal visit

The outstanding location, the attentive staff and the delicious menu meant that the hotel quickly became a success. In 1981 the hotel underwent a complete metamorphosis and opened her doors once again with a more luxurious and comfortable offering. The hotel was becoming so well known in the area that in the Spring of 1981, when Queen Beatrix and Prins Claus were visiting Zwartsluis, they enjoyed a royal lunch at Hotel Zwartewater.

Swimming and tennis

Throughout the years, Hotel Zwartewater grew to be a place where guests not only enjoyed great food and a comfortable night’s rest, but where they could also hold large parties, intimate gatherings, or meetings and congresses. As a result of the growth and new business opportunities, the hotel added 16 guest rooms and a bowling alley in 1984, an addition which was quickly followed by a second floor, swimming pool, sauna, and solarium in 1988. In 1994 the hotel added an enormous tennis hall, which also included squash facilities. These sport opportunities were not only meant for the hotel guests, but served local residents as well.

Expanding and renewing

The prestigious hospitality enterprise was well-known in the wider region. The owners, currently represented by the second generation Sander Frank, are still committed to renewing and improving their business. The restaurant has been recently expanded, the meeting rooms have received several makeovers, and the terrace is continuously improved and updated.

Enjoy life at Hotel Zwartewater

Today Hotel Zwartewater is a place to celebrate everything life has to offer. Whether an intimate dinner with family or friends in one of the many restaurants, a romantic weekend getaway, a party, a business meeting, or an enjoyable workout on the tennis court, in the swimming pool or at the bowling alley, Hotel Zwartewater has what you need to make it memorable.