Live Cooking restaurant de Combuijs

De Combuijs is a unique restaurant concept where you are encouraged to try anything and everything. Perhaps this is the moment to take your first bite of kangaroo – it all depends on how adventurous you’re feeling. Of course, you’re also welcome to enjoy a juicy steak, delicious pork filet or sole, made to order by our talented chef.

Culinary surprises await you in our restaurant de Combuijs. With a constantly updated menu varying from crocodile to steak and from sole to kangaroo, even the most exotic and discerning taste will find something here. Of course, those seeking more traditional Dutch fare have also come to the right place. Our live-cooking concept makes choosing a menu item not only easy, but entertaining as well.

In de Combuijs you can literally create your own menu. You are welcome to make endless use of our numerous buffets with a large assortment of breads, soups, salads, cold fish and meat delicacies and sauces.

For the main course, watch our talented chefs prepare your selection while you wait – and you can return as often as you’d like. The dishes in de Combuijs change daily depending on the season and the availability of the best and freshest ingredients. We strive to provide our guests with a unique and special dining experience.

For more information, please get in touch with us – we will gladly share price details and availability.